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Gem State Gold and Silver LLC
10384 Fairview Ave
Boise Idaho 83704

Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday 9:30 - 5:30
Friday 9:30- 4:00
Saturday by appointment only
for our out of town customers
(voice) 208-713-6345
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We now can certify the metal authenticity without any harm at all
all precious metal coins and bars even in plastic or a ngc, pcgs or any holder.
all coins in holders except the 1/10 eagle in a case. We can test your silver
bars 100 oz even no problem no damage at all unless it is testing fake then
only if you want further testing

From Coin World Magazine

By , Coin World

Published : 05/27/15

The 2009-dated American Eagle bullion coin at the top is counterfeit. A genuine example appears below. An Ohio coin dealer reports receiving eight counterfeit American Eagle 1-ounce gold bullion coins of different dates from among 120 coins submitted by a New York dealer. Donald Herres from Dollartowne in Bellbrook, Ohio, said the shipment containing the counterfeit coins was received May 22 from a longtime customer who did not know the eight coins were fakes until notified by Herres. Herres said the eight counterfeits — one dated 1988, one 2001 and six 2009 — were determined to be fakes when he used an electronic precious metals verifier. Herres said he has been using the detection device since 2014 when he received a counterfeit 2003 American Eagle gold piece that had been submitted in a genuine 14-karat gold jewelry bezel. Herres said while the eight counterfeits are more coppery in color than genuine American Eagle 1-ounce gold coins, the quality of the counterfeits is superior to others he has handled or otherwise seen. The recent eight counterfeits all weigh the proper weight of 33.931 grams, Herres said. Herres said he does not know the metallic composition of the fakes, since the dealer who submitted them asked for their return. Herres said packaging for the shipment of 120 coins that included the fakes comprised five U.S. Mint tubes of 20 coins each and a non-Mint tube of 20 coins. The eight counterfeits were housed in the non-Mint tube, Herre said. Genuine American Eagle 1-ounce gold bullion coins are currently retailing for between $1,250 and $1,300 each.

The first 3 coins for $5.00 then
$1.00 per silver round, $3.00 per gold coin
$5.00 per platinum or palladium bar or coin
$5.00 for a 100 oz, 50 oz, or large silver bars
If you purchased your gold or silver bullion from any of the other dealers in the area or especially on the internet you have at least a 1 in four chance from my numbers you were cheated. Eagles, krugerrands, and yes even buffalo and maples are now being counterfeited and are not gold except on the surface. Here in Boise I told a man last week his coins were fake and he just sold them to another dealer who did not know the difference. They weigh right, they are the right dimensions but the interior was tantalum powder, tungsten. you need authentication which I only can give in Boise. When the time comes when it could mean life or death and you have fake coins, it will be too late. here is a Tungsten eagle, made in Germany probably. It looked this way after testing because it was FAKE
fake eagle
Placer miners, bring your clean or dirty gold to Gem State, we can process your placer or nuggets while you wait and get paid for silver and gold, we are the only facility inthe Boise area to be renumerated for gold but also your silver. We are the only place in the Boise area who can accurately assay your metal. Why let others just plain steal your silver from you and they make the money. We pay you for yor gold and silver, see the difference At Gem State Gold and Slver. No amount too big or small. Come see where the high quality miners bring their gold. We bought 100+ ounces this week from very smart men. If We weren't the best they would have gone somewhere else dont you think? With metals so costly every penny counts

We have just purchased the best xray fluorescent spectrometer made in America with the best detector made. companies can now have elemental analysis made, and coating thicknesses measured if you have the proper standards,or we nan get them for you.We can now do ROHS compliance testing for any item. Make sure your impoted items are manufactured correctly and are legal at a fraction of the time and cost of having to send off your items .Wanting to help others afford testing of their items we have now reduced our testing fees for non busisness customers. We wish to introduce the finest xrf machine made in America, the Bowman system. it has the top of the line solid state silicon drift detector and tungsten stimulated xray tube. it allows us to accurately analyze every element on the periodic table Now you can have something analyzed as a non business customer for only $25.00 for the first analysis and ten for each additional spot.We know times are tough and we want to help. Testing of coins is even less. Make sure your gold and silver coins are the right composition for only $5 for the first three silver coins and then .75 cents for 1 ounce silver rounds or bars, $1.50 for larger bars up to ten ounces. Larger bars are priced at the time of presentation. Gold is five dollars an item for 1 ounce or smaller coins and bars.


Element RangeAluminium 13 to Uranium 92.

Detector:Silicon solid state detector with 190eV resolution or better

Number of analysis: is layers and elements:5 layers (4 layers + base)
and 10 elements in each layer, .Composition analysis of up to 25 elements simultaneously

Filters/Collimators:4 primary filters/4 motorized collimators

Focal Depths:Multi fixed focal depths with laser

Digital Pulse Processing:4096 CH digital multi-channel analyser with flexible shaping time Automatic signal processing including dead time correction and escape peak correction

Computer:Intel, CORE i5 3470 Processor (3.2GHz), 8GB DDR3 Memory, Microsoft Windows 7 Prof, 64bit equiv.

Since 2012 we now have the most sophisticated accurate machine made on planet earth in the way of x-ray fluorescent spectrometry. This new German machine can not only now
  1. analyze elements and metals, pulverized ores, rocks, powders, liquids. etc. want to know what you have we can tell you in minutes while you wait!
  2. Our biggest service is to analyze your gold, platinum, palladium and silver jewelry and flatware and pay you fairly
  3. we are the absolute professional analyzers of dental gold. We will break out your teeth and filings cleaning your old teeth and bridges, which can run from 12% gold 88% palladium to 90% gold and silver palladium mixes. Only we can truly accurately anal ye your dental gold in Idaho no one else. Some dealers tell you your white dental products are silver or not real losing you many dollars. Do not trust peoples word demand proof . we can give proof!
  4. We can assess your bars of gold silver and coins and let you know if it is real, fake, or substandard at a very reasonable cost.
  5. We are now able to do amazing things such as: measure the thickness of platings and coatings. we can tell you down to nanometers the thickness of gold, silver, rhodium, platinum or any other metal. no you can find out if it is worth refining or a waste of time
  6. Miners why would you settle for a fraction of what your gold is worth. other dealers offer you 55-65% when you can get up to 94% with us. Why get screwed and let the dealers make all the money for your hard work.

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Note: I truly believe the machines I own are the best most accurate analyzers of gold, silver ,platinum and palladium and most elements from sodium on available. Do not trust an xrf gun for accurate measurements of placer gold or fine jewelry. they are not even close to precise compared to our equipment. You get what you pay for. My competitors have guns and cheap electronic but they are trying to copy us which they have no chance of doing. It is apples and oranges. The guns are primarily designed for scrap yards not precious metals. Do not sell anything without coming to us after anywhere else. Make us your stop after checking around. We can and do beat them all.

We have the most advanced x-ray fluorescent spectrometers in this part of the country. No one else can perform such a complete accurate analysis of your metals for such a small fee and in so little time. We furnish you a printed report that gives the exact content of your jewelry, sample or placer gold so you can demand top dollar without guessing or reliance on the primitive, subjective acid test. Our appraisals and estimates are many times free on gold jewelry, scraps, and coins. If you don't know if it's real or not, visit us and find out your items value before you sell. Come to us after you've seen the other guys, we won't be beaten on legitimate deals! We believe in helping out the small guys and gals. We will use our x-ray spectrometer on your items for free if payment to you will be less than two hundred dollars. Our method will always give you more money than our competitor’s acid test method.
Idahoans now have a place to sell your gold locally and get payment immediately. save on melting, assay, refining, shipping, insurance, check charges, etc. we process your gold here in Boise so we are not reliant on anyone else to melt, refine and or assay your gold. Don’t mail your items away; the general public can also eliminate the middle man by dealing with us. Come by in person for details or to open an account with us. We test, weigh, and do our calculations right in front of you in simple English so you will know you are not getting taken. We use several test methods to narrow down your gold content, nothing is just 10, 14, or 18kt. we are more accurate. We are completely honest and transparent. I have seven years of college and am trained as a scientist. I have 23 years of actual experience as a gold and silver refiner, having owned my own precious metals and jewelry business for 36 years. We are true precious metals dealers; we have a large inventory at our bank locally and will have your items to you usually within minutes not days. Come see the difference.
Contact us anytime with questions or comments
We diligently follow the laws of the United States of America and those of the state of Idaho, Many aspects of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism apply to the precious metals industry. Due to the nature of our business, we prefer all large transactions are made with traceable secure funds, wires, or cashiers checks.  Please do not ask, imply or even hint to us about breaking any law or bending rules. I will not jeopardize my freedom or finances for any reason or anyone. Be clear about that.
(208) 713-6345
We strive to be the biggest and the best precious metals dealer in Idaho. We are discount brokers on larger transactions of precious metals. I was a stock broker in the eighties , just like then, I take your order and fulfill that order with through one of the oldest and most respected supplier of precious metals in the world,  Amark. Since I get your money up front and have very little risk I pass that savings on to you with the following fee schedule list under buying silver and gold from us. The most up to date schedule is gold products buy sell and silver products buy sell
amounts for discounted fees are computed
on purchase price before commissions
When acting as your broker, I do not mark up anything from the charge from Amark except for the transaction fee based on the amount purchased. The prices we charge are the price we pay or you when or if you order through us. This means that when you order, and our supplier issues a trade number, that purchase is locked in for you. If the price goes up or down the next day or next hour, you must pay the agreed upon price when you confirmed your intention to order, and the trade number was issued. Our trades are shipped directly from a Brink's warehouse in Salt Lake City via registered insured mail with the U.S. Post Office. It is as simple as that!
What does hyperinflation look like?
This is a one hundred trillion dollar bill
I bought for two silver dimes

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