Learn what to do from an expert!

I offer a consultation service for $99  at my office in Boise for 30 minutes, to go
over every aspect of precious metals investing, reasons for different classes of
metals, rules, tax implications, reporting etc. The session is customized to the
specific situation and questions of each person. This is how we do it, it is a
bargain. I am an expert in my field and this Is what I offer. I turned one
persons $135,000.00 investment into five million in 8 years. You get what
you pay for in this world. If you are interested please come by or call to set
up an appointment. I require prepayment to secure  a slot for you. Thanks,

Marvin Tanner
Former SEC registered Investment Advisor
Metallurgical Scientist
Genetic Engineer
Former Federal Agent
Former Naval Spy