The ordering Process

We diligently follow the laws of the United States of America and those of the state of Idaho, Many aspects of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism apply to the precious metals industry. Due to the nature of our business, we prefer all large transactions are made with traceable secure funds, wires, or cashiers checks.  Please do not ask, imply or even hint to us about breaking any law or bending rules. I will not jeopardize my freedom or finances for any reason or anyone. Be clear about that.

Ordering in person: I require a 15% non-refundable cash deposit from you. I then place the trade for you and get the exact remaining amount to complete the transaction within minutes. You then have 24 hours to pay me the remainder of the balance of the trade by whatever means you decide of the three choices. Wire, cash or cashiers check. If you fail to complete the transaction within the 24 hours your deposit is forfeit and you will never be eligible to conduct further business with Gem State Gold and Silver. As of this date we have never had a default. I am thankful for this!

Ordering by phone or email: 50% of the amount of the expected trade must be received by us before we will lock you in. We work these details out with you on a private basis.

We strive to be the biggest and the best precious metals dealer in Idaho. We are discount brokers on larger transactions of precious metals. I was a stock broker in the eighties, just like then, I take your order and fulfill that order with through one of the oldest and most respected supplier of precious metals in the world,  Amark. When acting as your broker, I do not mark up anything from the charge from Amark except for the transaction fee based on the amount purchased. The prices we charge are the price we pay or you…when or if you order through us. This means that when you order, and our supplier issues a trade number, that purchase is locked in for you. If the price goes up or down the next day or next hour, you must pay the agreed on price when you confirmed, and the trade number was issued. Our trades are shipped directly from a Brink's warehouse in Salt Lake City via registered insured mail with the U.S. Post Office. It is as simple as that! Since I get your money up front and have very little risk I pass that savings on to you with the following fee schedule



All commission amounts are added to our actual
cost which we disclose willingly to our customers




For orders under $25,000 on monster boxes we charge 3% above cost
For orders over $25,000 on monster boxes  we charge 2.0% above cost

Gold see fees on other page

Amounts for discounted fees are computed on
purchase price before commissions

If you do not pick up your order if shipped to me , if valued above $10,000, within 24 hours
of being contacted we charge a storage and security fee of 150 dollars per day because of the
inconvienience and insurance considerations. I am not meant to be a storage facility .I my calls or
emails to pick up your items are ignored and not responded to at my option I can refund your
at my discretion minus a ten percent of the deal penalty.we are not a storage facility
but a venue for ordering only, and sales and assay